About Machon Bina

Machon Bina, a sem providing an environment where each student: 

Can develop her unique self  | Strengthen her identity  | Reinforce her commitment to a life guided by Torah and Chassidus | Individual and group learning | Workshops with guest speakers  | Prizes  | Incentives  | Trips 

The Machon Bina program helps the girls develop the mindsets and tools for life as a woman, wife, mother, and Shlucha, or wherever life takes them.

Important Communication from Machon Bina

The Location

Machon Bina is located in the Judean Hills, in the city of Beit Shemesh

The Facilities

The campus is spacious, with beautiful classrooms and spaces for the girls to lounge and study.


The dorm rooms are large with sunlight and lots of storage, and air conditioning.  

There are 3 girls to a room - with their own W/C and shower.

The Food 

Machon Bina serves three full and nutritious meals a day. Every meal is served with a variety of healthy options. 


In the Student Lounge, there is a refrigerator for students to keep their own snacks and food.

The Staff

The role of each staff member is to provide guidance as our students develop into self-responsible adults, who will make appropriate choices - during the school year, and for life.


Mrs. Shosh Rabinowitz/director
Rabbi Elisha Shapira/menahel ruchni
Mrs. Devora Krasnianski/parent liaison


Learning Facilitators

Rabbi Baruch Kaplan
Rabbi Yaakov Kuperman
Rabbi Elisha Shapira
Rabbi Velvl Slavin
Rabbi Yoav Rubinson
Mrs. Chedva Braun
Mrs. Chana Canterman
Mrs. Sara Jacobs
Mrs. Tammy Steinberger
Mrs. Hindel Swerdlov
Dr. Channi Schwartz
Mrs. Nechama Pewzner

The learning culture/
Learning and growing

 Classroom learning | Discussions | Text based | Small group learning  | Tech integrated | Hands-on/ minds-on projects

The learning is on a high level, with top educators and mashpiim, who really understand the young people of today.

The classes are designed to be interesting and relevant so our students can truly engage with the learning – with different learning modalities, as applicable to the topics. The learning is on a high level, with top educators and mashpios, who really understand the young people of today. 

Through this blend of learning and projects, the girls will gain deep and meaningful insights into life as Chabad women and hone their strengths and learn new skills for living a full and purposeful life.

Much learning and growth happens through interesting trips and visits to the fascinating places and people of Eretz Yisrael, and thus such trips are an integral part of the program.

By living and learning and working with others, the girls will learn a lot about interpersonal relationships and communication styles and adapting to other people's working styles - important skills and tools for life!

Active learning

The Machon Bina program has an ACTIVE LEARNING culture: ie. the interplay of the Machon Bina Framework for learning and growth & the girls’ efforts and attitudes.


  • Active learning is student participation in the learning and teaching process, where students themselves engage with and, to an extent, create their own learning experience. 


  • Active learning is more about students actively, independently and critically creating meaning for themselves than simply acquiring knowledge. 


The Machon Bina Framework is a nuanced trajectory to guide students in their learning and growth;  it’s our plan to take them from where they are now to where they will/ can become. It is up to the students to do the learning. And the loop continues, we provide encouragement and inspiration and motivation to fully apply themselves to the elements of the framework.

Experiential learning

Hands-on, minds-on, souls-on.

  • Experiential Learning is about having experiences (classroom or otherwise) and then reflecting on that experience. This deepens and anchors the learning.


  • Hands-on, Minds-on, Souls-on learning is a rich learning experience that engages and challenges the mind and enriches the soul and one’s connection to Yiddishkeit and Chasidus.

Tel: 053-2803431

Email: machonbina5780@gmail.com