Application Process

There are 4 parts to the application:

1. Student Application Form  

There are two sections:

This should be completed by the student herself. We encourage the student to be forthcoming and honest, there are no ‘better’ answers that will ‘look better’ to the admissions team than others.


2. Mechaneches Form 

This should be completed by the mechaneches. Please encourage the mechaneches to submit as early as possible. 

3. Medical Form (this can be submitted after the interview)

This form should be completed by your doctor. And then emailed to us.  (For the sake of time, this can be done after the interviews. However, we reserve the right to rescind the acceptance of a student. 

For this year's interview dates and fees please see

  • 2 reference letters ­ 1 from someone in school, the other from another adult who knows the student (from extra curricular activities, past summer, etc.)

  • ­Ask the references to email the letters from their email addresses to with this in the subject line:[student name]: Reference letter from [Reference Person]

  • NOTE: We will not process applications before we receive these reference letters.

For this year's interview dates and fees please see

The Interview
Acceptance Decisions

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