What People are Saying 

"Our seminary is about personal growth. So my job is to help the girls go out of their comfort zones in social and personal relationships. 

We work together as a team to ensure this growth. Our staff is determined to make sure each and every girl makes big steps in all aspects of her life as a role-model of a Chabad girl going out in the world after her experience here in Israel at Machon Bina 

If Your daughter wants a close safe school with lots of interaction with staff members this is the place for her." 


Vickie Mizrachi, dorm mother 2015-16

"I would like to share with you the impression I had last year of the extraordinary care, concern, investment and overall deep dedication to the students on behalf of the entire staff.

The positive feeling of the students and the continued care of the staff is very much felt

...a very good place for quality students and what will IY”H one day be the greatest and most successful Chabad Seminary in the world."

 Respectfully, Rabbi Yisroel Brod

"Working for Machon Bina was one of the best years of my life. 

Thank you Mrs. Rabinowitz for the opportunity to be part of the Machon Bina family.

The “sisters” will always be in my heart.

All my love."

Mrs. Schechter, dorm mother 2014-15




"Deciding to go to a brand new seminary is deciding to take a risk, but thankfully I can say that there is no better risk I ever took. My year in Machon Bina was the best year of my life." 

Batsheva Rivkin, student 2015-16


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